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Project Description
The bATR is a (ASP).NET library for generating smooth looking text titles based on your custom fonts and predefined styles (ie. color). The name "bATR" stands for barts Anti-aliased Text Replacer and is a .NET variant like the well known sIFR*. The bATR is developed to solve the

bATR features
- Great flexibility for dynamic texts and multilingual websites
- Define your own themes and styles
- Use your custom fonts to match the websites style
- Server side implementation by using the bATR user control and image handler
- Automatic server side Image caching

The bATR is based on .NET and written in C# 3.0 and makes use of the WPF. It can NOT run in a partial trust website.

Installation and Configuring are easy. Visit the Installation page for more details.

Check it out and let me know how things go!
If you have any suggestions or issues, feel free to submit them in the issue tracker.

The bATR is created by Bart de Vries, .NET developer@De Nieuwe Zaak

* more info about sIFR can be found at

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