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Configuring the bATR

The bATR settings are stored in the bATR.config file. Below you will find all options available for configuring. The basic structure of this file looks like this:

<?xml version="1.0"?>
			<style />
			<style />

The bATRConfig attributes:
Attribute Description Required Values
cacheExpiration Duration for caching the images in minutes no any, default=300
cachedItemsLimit The max. # of cached items no any, default=100
caching Caching enabled no true(default), false
clientCacheExpiration Expiration, in days, on the clientside no any, default=7
bATREnginePath Path to the engine yes ~/bATR/
imagePath Path where the images are requested yes /bATRCache
replaceImagesOnPrint Images are not great for printing; this option replaces the images on printing no true(default), false

bATRConfig.admin section:
Element Description Required Values
username username for viewing cache monitor yes any
password related password yesy any

The bATRConfig.themes theme attributes:
Attribute Description Required Values
name name of the theme you want to create yes any
defaultFontName The default font for this theme (possible override in style) yes the font name
defaultFontStyle The default style the font should get (possible override in style) no Normal and others in System.Windows.FontStyles
defaultFontWeight The default font weight (possible override in style) no Normal and others in Sysem.Windows.FontWeights
defaultFontStretch the default font stretch (possible override in style) no Normal and others in System.Windows.FontStretches

The bATRConfig.theme.theme.Style attributes:
Attribute Description Required Values
name Name of the style, use in bATRImage usercontrol yes any
fontSize size of the text in EM yes 10, 12.5, 14.4
fontColor The HEX color the text thould be presented in yes #aabbcc, #ffffff
bgColor The HEX backgroundcolor the images must be written on yes #ffffff, #aabbcc
fontName override the themes fontname no see theme desc
fontStyle override the themes style no see theme desc
fontWeight overrides the themes weight no see theme desc
lineHeight sets the texts lineheight in pixels no any int like 21
characterSpacing the space between the characters in pixels no 1, 3, 10
spaceSize the size of the space character in pixels,optional when letterSpacing is set no 10
inlineImage relative url to an image that should be placed in background no ~/images/btn.png
inlineImageRect rectangle the image should be placed in, only used when you use an inline image no "0,0,20,20"
textStartPoint for positioning the text no "0,20"
headerHtmlTag The HTML tag to render with the bATR no h2, h3
textToLower Renders all texts to lower no true, false
textToUpper Renders all text to upper no true, false
renderedImageWidth Fixed width, in px, for image output no 100, 200
renderedImageHeight Fixed height, in px, for image output no 20, 30
New in version 1.6
gradientColor The color to fade to in gradient no #aabbcc, #ffffff
gradientAngle The angle to create the gradient in no 0>360
decorationStyle Styles like underline, striketrough no Any value from System.Windows.TextDecorationLocation
decorationColor Color for the underline no #aabbcc or any HEX
decorationGradient The gradient color for the decoration no #aabbcc or any HEX
decorationGardientAngle The angle for the gradient no 0>360
decorationThickness The thickness for the decoration no 3 or so
decorationOffSet The offset for the line positioning the line no 2 or so

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