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Using the bATRImage usercontrol

For using the bATRImage you have to register it in your web.config for easy usage. Add the following to your web.config within the pages/controls section:
		> any existing entries <
		<add tagPrefix="bATR" namespace="bATR.Controls" assembly="bATR" />

Now you are ready to use the bATR:bATRImage user control on your page like this:
<bATR:bATRImage ID="BATRImage1" runat="server" Style="my_style" Text="Hello world" />

Next a list of attributes available:

Attribute Description Required Values
Theme The theme, in bATRConfig, you want to use no any theme, default value = default
Style Any match with the styles you have configured in the bATRConfig yes any style in the theme
StyleOnMouseOver The style the image should get when you mouseocer it no any style in the theme
Text The text you want to be presented on the image yes Any text
LinkUrl The url if you want to make a clickable image no any url
MaxWidth The max width for the rendered image no any like 100

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